LocalizationLocalization does not mean only translation any more. We are developing a database-based translation support system while developing communication technologies with an eye to the future. Every staff in our company is a specialist in his field and helps each other for every project. We endeavor to improve our skill to keep up with drastically changing business needs. Please let us know your requests.

TRANSLATION (mainly from English to Japanese)

Every client has its own needs and requirements. We can support your localization projects at any stage; from small text basis translation to multilingual projects management. Depro provides “one-stop-service”, which means handling all contents from software UI, message, farmware to online help, documents, and all stages from translation to compilation, as well as Linguistic QA. Our service will bring total management to the project and deliver consistent high-quality and cost reduction, This is sure to please all our cusotomers. We are also responsible for managing and updating all translation assets generated during the process such as Glossaries, TM, and bilingual files.

Test & Measurement, IT, Marketing, Bio, Business & Finance, Printer, Scanner, CAD
Source Clients:
HP Inc., Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Keysight, Agilent, Dell, Bloomberg, Rohde&Schwarz
Software, Online Help, Manuals, Catalog, Press ReleaseAlways sensitive what is happening in the world and brush up our knowledge every day. Get a quite high evaluation in this field.,Trainig materials, e-Learning, White Paper, Technical materials, Multi-media Contents Create sophisticated scripts considering style, tone, target such as Movie scripts and Narations
Translation tools:
SDLTrados2007/2011/2014/2015, SDL Passolo 2011/2015/2016, Idiom Desktop Workbench, Catalyst, Translation workspace, LingoTek, Smartling, Multilizer


Translate single source and create different outputs (ex.Framemaker > PDF & CHM/Webhelp, HTML(XHTML) > PDF & Webhelp) is current trend. We handled many such projects and know its localization process through and through. After compilation, incorporate the helps into products and check contents and operations.

Compilation tool: MadcapFlare, Webworks Publisher, Storyline
Q&A tool: Xbench, Comparator, HTML QA, EDTDeveloped by our skillful engineers. Fully customizable for each project.


DTP within localization process needs special causion. Considering contingencies in order to avoid errors that could happen during the compilation process is very important. We have been handling these kinds of DTP tasks quite often and knew the process very well. Once some errors are found in this stage, we track it back to the translation stage and fix it. Recently, for cost reduction purposes, non-native DTP services are often provided. But we are proud of the tasks implemented by our native Japanese operators and ensure the highest quality at the final stage of your localization process.

Adobe Creative Suite 4/ 5 /6 / CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign), QuarkXpress, Framemaker, Office, Flash MX, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, TimeSaver


For software LQA, we validate translated strings from both linguistic and functional points of view. We ditect inappropriate translations, truncations in screens, and change translations and adjust string length accordingly. We adopted virtual cloud environments in oder to handle projects which need large-scale environmental construction. For documentation LQA, we follow the documents and check consistency between UIs in the application and manuals, as well as content accuracy. During this process, erros not detected at the translation stage can still be found. We do all necessary corrections such as modifying translation, recapturing screenshots, and editing images. After fixing all these errors, we compile them again and re-implement Q&A process.


We take screen captures, which are used in documentations, with localized build. Creating identical situations with the documents is often challenging, but we have built good reputation in this task.

For more information about DEPRO’s services, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.