Our Vision & Mission


Expand and develop the world of communication
as a “communication support service company”
that treasures connections between people.
Fulfill our social responsibility as a “contributor to the society”
and continue our efforts to further develop the communication circle.


In devising our company name, “Depro”, we took the first two letters of the word “data” (“deta” in Japanese) and combined them with the suffix “pro” to create a name that suggests “data processing professionals”

As our name suggests, the staff at Depro are proficient in the use of words and treatment of data, each skilled in such fields technical translating, desktop publishing, programming, data processing and software development and design. Skilled in all aspects of communication and presentation in today’s business world, our staff have the know-how to meet and enhance the communication and presentation needs of our customers in the Internet age.

  • Our mission, …
    To provide reliable services to our customers
    To maintain the utmost integrity in all business activities
    To continually do our best
    To provide a working environment that enables each of our staff members to maximize their full abilities and potential

Our mission, is to support the communication and presentation needs of our customers using the most advanced techniques and skills available while at the same time challenging the threshold the impossible.